If you love playing Bingo – and you enjoy playing the games quickly, then you’ll most certainly love the new Speed Bingo game from the UK’s most popular online Bingo website, Jackpotjoy.


The games don’t quite move at the speed of light – but they’re faster than most with a game every thirty seconds! You can play Speed Bingo for as little as a penny at a time, so it’s really more about the fun of playing than the money. But, if you’re interested in trying to land a big jackpot, then Speed Bingo has one of the biggest progressive Bingo jackpots around and you can buy a maximum of 100 tickets per game – if you really want to maximize your winning opportunities. And don’t worry about not being able to keep pace; you can play Speed Bingo automatically.


The game sees the character Jin blast off and take a trip to the stars – shooting through space on his 75-ball Speed Bingo super rocket. But if you aren’t interested in a really fast-paced game, then Speed Bingo certainly isn’t the game for you. There are great fun Blackout games every 30 seconds – so you could be a winner in a flash!


Speed Bingo is typical of the efforts made by Jackpotjoy to make the whole experience of online Bingo a whole lot of fun. And it’s highly successful in this regard – which is what has made it the fastest growing Bingo site in the country. People come here to play Bingo, have fun, socialize with existing friends online, meet new friends, and socialize with the helpful and friendly staff too.


Jackpotjoy doesn’t take life too seriously when it doesn’t have to – and we all need a little fun in our lives during these times of austerity. But times aren’t quite so austere for dome of Jackpotjoy’s recent lucky winners, like Miss Danielle W who won over £63,000 playing 90-ball Bingo.


And if you’d like to try and emulate Danielle’s feat and those of many other players like her, then there’s some great news as Jackpotjoy will give new members £25 each t play. Then, if you’re enjoying yourself, you can pick up an extra £20 for introducing any friends interested in playing – who go on to join and play.


But if you get as lucky as Danielle playing Speed Bingo for a big jackpot – you won’t be too worried about £20!

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