Battle the Casino

Author : Roger

Fast paced and blessed with a simple structure, Casino War is a great game to play if you’re after a healthy profit without having to learn a huge amount of new skills. Based on the principle of ‘highest card wins’, Casino War is a favourite for many players – from amateurs looking for fun and fast gaming, to experienced gamblers with the likes of Unibet bet looking to make cash.

One of Casino War’s main strengths is its uncomplicated structure. Indeed, this is something which means a gamer can learn the ropes in seconds and make a profit right from the off. Another huge plus, particularly for seasoned gamblers, is that the casino has no advantage over the gamer in normal play. Casino War’s electric pace also means you can make a load more cash per hour than most other casino pursuits.

The basic rules of Casino War couldn’t be simpler. The dealer has one card, the player another and the highest of the two wins. If the player wins then he or she receives an even money payout on their original bet. If the house wins, then the hand is over and the wager is lost. The only caveat is that in the event of a tie the player has two choices: either to match their opening bet and go to war by facing another high card showdown with the casino, or to fold the hand and give up.

In regular play neither the player nor the casino has the edge but in the event of a tie the casino nudges ahead. However, you can mitigate this by choosing your actions when you’re in the situation. Although to less experienced gamblers it might seem better to fold, in fact it’s the other way round. By showing bravery and going to war with the casino you’ll be reducing the house’s edge on you from 3.7 per cent to 2.9 per cent.

So if you’re searching for a game that gives you fantastic returns on your investment, is easy to learn and is fast paced and exciting then casino war perfect. Just remember it’s better for your profits to battle on than surrender against the casino!

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