Who never dreamt of driving a sweet Ferrari or showing off with the latest muscle car in the market? While auto show slots still won’t win you a shiny new Ferrari, it can definitely get the dream closer.

auto shows were and always will be popular, among amateurs and enthusiasts alike. This slot game stands up to its name, with a slick design and a 5 reel plus 20 pay-lines layout.

Once you hit the reel, a stop sign will appear, and you will have to stop the game whenever you wish. Your prizes will be calculated through the multipliers on the pay-table, which can come up to quite a lot.

You will have to match car sets, which appear as different model symbols on the reels, if you want to hit the jackpot of up to $200,000. In fact, auto show slots can race and beat any other slots game when it comes to prizes. With betting range from as low as 0.20c to 20$, you will find this game fits and budget, as well.

Watch out for that sand buggy, which acts as a wild symbol, to activate the bonus feature that can multiply your winnings. The pink cars are the scatter symbols in auto show, and will gain you additional rewards.

Auto show features different unique symbols, and you’ll find cars (obviously) of different colour, stop signs, GPS, speedometer and the like, all of which will multiply your winnings.

auto show slots sounds good, but it gets even better when you start playing, when you realize all this cool animations, slick cars and amazing prizes sit together for one sweet bundle of prizes.

With the auto-play feature you can enter an intense, ready-set-go gaming session of up to 300 spins! Better fasten your seat belts before you start this one.


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