images (20)Of all the players who have ever lived, none was more well known than Nicholas Andreas Dandolos, aka; Nick The Greek. The year was 1946. Benjamin “Bugsy” Seigal had just started out the Flamingo Resort & Gambling house in Las Vegas and things were about to modify permanently. For the next 20 years the mob managed a firm grip on made legal gambling in the state of Nevada. It was during now that “The Greeks” tale had started to take hold. Although he was well known and liked in the hay times of Damon Runyon’s Twenties and Thirties, it was his Las Vegas activities that confirmed the mystery around the man.

There are so many experiences linked to the Greek that it’s difficult to separate stories from reality. The only efficient records I have were informed to me by my dad who had invested as lots of energy and effort in Las Vegas as the people that emptied out the slot machines. As a younger man in his very beginning Twenties, Nick was involved to be wedded and the day before the marriage, his bride ran off with another guy. Heartbroken, some buddies took him to the race track to get his thoughts off it. As the tale goes, without rhyme or purpose, Nick started to arbitrarily choose 8 successive champions parlaying his money into nearly $20,000. From that time on the stage was set and our idol never seemed back. Some people believe in success, some don’t. In this scenario it’s difficult to contact it anything else. At the casino craps tables he was a verified “don’t pass” bettor always resting complete possibilities against the point. He was a strong casino player with an unusual knowing of the statistical rates of any gambling undertaking. He had very good verdict and a natural intuition for discovering an advantage.

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