When you talk about another thing: comps casino. Free stuff you get when you play – or more precisely to spend money at the casino comps station. You have those frequent flyer miles card or shopping card wins points every time you use it? Ah, this is essentially what comps – to get something for free, the people hungry, they are actually spending more momentum.

For example, credit card rewards system. The credit card companies “reward” you spend more optimistic about your Iphone, when you reach a level of consumption in this system. Most customers, just to win an Iphone, credit limits will make apricot reasons. It sounded like you win? Do not forget, I-Phone is just a coincidence freebie. This is not to use credit cards, but most people see that as a consumer purposes.

Such works, when you talk about music. Casino hotels, restaurants and institutions to make these arrangements. Common settings are: more costs in the casino translation agencies, more a free buffet breakfast, free parking and a variety of things.

No, it is not necessarily a scam. This is marketing. Suddenly, the idea of ​​someone just entering the buffet does not matter; it is that he must get to spend until the required quotas, a free buffet. Please remember that any free or any connection to its word “free” there are more people called. You have to try to get rid of the effect of your buzz word and really assess whether it is worth spending so much money in the casino, if it guarantees yourself through.

Think about the effect of playing games. Free buffet when you spend more than Jesus in the online games from casino. Since players do not guarantee a victory, he spent the money in the casino; the trend is to give him something “guaranteed” in exchange for his money in the casino uncertainty. So he did what? A victory, but his gun the next best thing: “winning” in the casinos spend more freebies. In this example, credit card analogy logic is as follows.

Well, here I am driving? Go to music, or they do not? You should definitely go for them when they are available to you, I mean, this is when you spend a lot of time in the casino, make sure you sniff around some of the transactions, because that is your right! However, there is no point carried away. You should not play comps, which is the main lesson here.


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